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Outsourcing in Australia: Empowering Global Businesses Outsourcing Human Resources, Marketing Services, Accounting Functions, Artificial Intelligence, and Information Technology in Australia

Australia or officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia is the world’s sixth-largest country. This country is packed with diversified landscapes and climates. Canberra is the capital of Australia. Melbourne and Sydney are the two other major cities in this country. It is a developed country with a $1.718 trillion GDP in 2023. Globally, the outsourcing sector is thriving in the recent days. Australia is not an exception to it. Along with its mining exports, banking, manufacturing, and agriculture sectors, the outsourcing market is contributing to the economy to a great extent. 

Outsourcing has gained popularity here for sound business reasons. Business organizations can enable the executives to concentrate on core business activities through outsourcing the external activities. Especially, outsourcing is carried out with the purpose of cost savings and improvement of performance. 

Additionally, outsourcing helps a company access talents, skills, and resources not available in-house. These are the primary reasons behind the current trend of pursuing outsourcing for the business companies. For such organizations, Australia is an attractive destination. The following writeup will talk about the current status of the outsourcing market in Australia along with the offered services by the Australian outsourcing companies.  Let’s not waste time and dive into the original discussion. 

Australia is one of the most developed and stable countries in the world. Why would its educated and talented citizens want to work for my company? If you have questions like this one, you are going to be stunned after reading about the outsourcing culture of Australia. It’s extremely underrated that people skip it while researching, but you are intelligent and lucky because you searched for it and got to the right place.

People think Australians don’t need to work for foreign companies because their own opportunities are so good in numbers and quality. Even a report from official site of Australian Bureau of Stats says that unemployment rate is just 3.4%, which is extremely stable.

Then why Australian individuals and firms are working for foreign companies remotely?

In this article, we’ll not just answer this question but also talk about different departments of outsourcing in Australia, like AI, HR, accounting, IT, and marketing, along with their benefits. So, let’s move on:

An Overview of Outsourcing in Australia

When we mentioned the extremely low rate of unemployment in Australia, you must be assuming that very few people are interested in the outsourcing industry, and it’s quite a small or emerging industry.

But the reality is otherwise because, according to Statista, by the end of 2023, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) market is projected to reach a great number of 9.6% billion USD, which is insane. Because outsourcing industry is usually directed towards America or South Asia.

And probably the best part of this industry in Australia is that the same stat showed that outsourcing in Australia is projected to grow better than ever before. They’ve predicted that it’ll grow at quite high rate of 4.44% (CAGR 2023-2028), and the revenue will reach at least 12 Billion USD by 2028.

What does that mean?

It means that ‘right now’ is the prime time to join the floating cruise because it hasn’t yet reached its highest point, which means that you can enjoy some benefits of an emerging industry, like cheaper rates and better talent.

Just ride the ship, and it’ll take you to higher point. You only have to do proper research.

Why Outsourcing in Australia is a big thing even though Australia is extremely stable?

So, you think that if a country is stable, employment rate is high, and opportunities are there, then there is no space for outsourcing talent in that place. Right?

Well, you are almost right. In most countries, talented people go for foreign opportunities when they can’t get chances in their countries, and Australia has jobs to offer. But there are a few other factors that matter and that’s where outsourcing industry of Australia comes into play.

So, here’s why outsourcing Australians are choosing to work for foreign businesses like yours:

Cost of Living

Australia is considered quite expensive country!

When we talk about groceries per month, you even have to spend up to 400 Australian Dollars, which is quite high amount. Due to high cost of living, even people who have jobs and accommodation (on rent) are unable to fulfill their families’ needs in big cities (like Sydney and Melbourne).

That’s why people in Australia decided to do some part-time or even full-time (if they get better opportunity) remote work as freelancers or service providers in outsourcing industry.

Work from Home Trend

In recent times (especially during and after the Covid-19 pandemic), a trend of freelancing and remote work started spreading. It took a bit longer, but it came to Oceania as well.

Working from home is always easier than going to office every day from 9 to 5 as it includes traveling by public transport and dealing with hustle and bustle of the cities, which many people don’t like. So, if they get better options than 9-5 jobs, Aussies are always ready.

Better Opportunities

Since past couple of years, outsourcing industry has gained a boost all around the globe. Now, many businesses are just doing it for cheaper options, and for this kind of business, Asian countries are available.

But when the rise of Australians weren’t ready to jump in without better salaries and stuff than their previous jobs (because most experts had jobs). In return, Aussies offered much better quality, so companies who preferred quality over rate hired them.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Outsourcing in Australia?

Now, you know why Australians have to jump into outsourcing as service providers, so it’s to know about what they have to offer to you:

Value for Money

“Quality over Quantity!”

You must have already heard this quote or phrase, but Aussies took it super seriously and started selling their services for higher rates but with extraordinary quality.

Now, the thing is that official site of Australian government, minimum wage in the country is $23.3 per hour, which is a little high (to be honest).

In other words, you have to spend just a little less than $0.7k on Aussies. But in return, you won’t get low-quality work. That’s guaranteed!

English Speakers

As you might already know, the official language of Australia is English, and over 72% of Aussies are fluent in English, so language barrier is never going to be an issue during work.

Cultural Similarity

Due to the same language and almost the same content consumption (mostly Hollywood movies and shows), Aussies are quite similar to North Americans and even Britishers.

Cultural compatibility helps a lot in business because if you jump into Australian market, it won’t take too long for you to understand their environment. The service provider will also understand your needs quite easily due to absence of cultural differences and language barriers.

Outsourcing services in Australia

Australia has become a sweet spot for the budding outsourcing industry. There are numerous outsourcing companies in Australia that provide multidisciplinary services for the foreign business organizations. Australia is a reservoir of professionals in the outsourcing market who conduct services like back-office, financial services, human resources management, debt recovery, insurance claims processing, documentation, customer service, data processing, IT helpdesk, software development, digital marketing, AI-based work, and so on. 

Australia possesses a multi-billion dollar outsourcing industry. According to a recent study by ibisworld.com, there are 34785 business process outsourcing businesses in Australia in 2023 and the growth rate is 2.9% since 2018. So, Australia can be your reliable outsourcing partner to obtain your business goal.  Popular outsourcing services: 

  • Human Resources Outsourcing
  • Marketing Outsourcing 
  • IT Outsourcing 
  • AI Outsourcing
  • Accounting Outsourcing 
  • Software Outsourcing 

Let’s discuss the outsourcing services of Australia in detail in the following section. 

Human Resources Outsourcing in Australia

Companies usually spend their money on outsourcing HR tasks to save money because, usually, it’s way more expensive to hire a full-time professional. Even according to the latest report, companies that go for HR outsourcing save more than 40% of their cost.

But why from an Australian firm or individual?

There are multiple valid reasons for doing business in Australia. The outsourcing organizations in Australia contribute to the overall economy of Australia. They welcome the foreign companies to be their outsourcing partner. You can choose Australia for your human resources work to gain maximum profit. You can outsource work like human resource management, recruitment procedures, conduct analysis on the industry, competitors, resources, technology, economic factors, and many more.

The following points will discuss the benefits of human resources outsourcing in Australia. 

Outsourcing HR

Benefits of Outsourcing Human Resources in Australia

  • Australia has a well-developed economy with multiple sectors. Australia has ranked 12 in the top global economy. Also, they have a very lower national debt in comparison with other developed countries in the world. That is why, selecting Australia as a human resources outsourcing partner can be a very wise choice. 
  • The outsourcing companies are well known for providing a recruitment consultant marketplace to help the employers find the best fit with specialist recruiters. The expert human resource managers will collect reviews on recruiter performance and conduct proper analysis to hire the right people for your company. So, you can rely on them without any tension for developing your business. 
  • The human resources outsourcing companies aim to make the B2B buying process transparent for both parties. They connect businesses around the world. Their global reach and multiple offers will be suitable for any overseas company. 
  • The human resources outsourcing organizations of Australia provide an all-in-one service platform. You can choose their services because they have an easy review process, personalized customer service, reliable leads, objective data, and marketing materials, and offer quality service at an affordable rate.
  • The education system of Australia is so well-structured that no matter what subject you choose, you will get the degree only when you have a reputable knowledge about the industry. Aussie universities are so good that 7 of them are among the world’s top 100 universities, and some of their students’ subjects are finance and office management.
  • Usually, companies opt for outsourcing their HR tasks that can only be done by experts so that they can either save some money or spend more time on core problems related to the department. But Aussies are built differently as most of them will even help you with converting your HR department into a better version of the same thing. If any individual or firm doesn’t offer this, you can ask for it.

Marketing Outsourcing in Australia

Outsourcing is not just a recent trend rather it has emerged from the very day when a business involved third parties in their activities. Recently, the outsourcing market has observed significant growth. Among multiple outsourcing services, marketing outsourcing is a practical way to save costs for the company. Australia has advanced in the field of marketing outsourcing sector. 

Marketing outsourcing is not as famous in the Australian industry just yet, maybe because not many people trust other countries when they have to target their own country because a rule of marketing says that marketers should always belong to the targeted audience.

But you should give them a shot because:

There is a better scope of accessing Australian skilled expertise through marketing outsourcing. Let’s take a look at what services the Australian marketing outsourcing industry provides and the benefits of taking these services. 

Outsourcing Marketing

Benefits of Marketing Outsourcing in Australia

  • You can take the premium service of marketing consultation from an Australian outsourcing company for enhancing the growth of your company. 
  • Marketing outsourcing company in Australia provides the best Google Ads services including strategy, planning to design campaigns, campaign monitoring, optimization along with business level reporting. 
  • Australia has reputation for the very low rate of corruption in its management system. Their legal framework is very strong and protects the business organizations operating in the country.
  • Aussie marketers are super talented and up-to-date! They know how to generate sales in this digital world with the help of blogs, video content, and, obviously, social media marketing.
  • Australian culture is almost the same as North American and British. Well, there are some differences, but Aussie youth follow TV shows and movies of the West so much that they are kind of submerged in that culture.  

You can rest assured that you are less likely to face any legal hassle if you engage with an Australian outsourcing company. The competition and consumer act of 2010 protect both the business companies and the workers through various programs. For instance, suppliers here are prohibited to refuse to provide necessary goods and services to the business companies. 

On the other hand, the workers are protected by compulsory pension programs. So, the legal policies here will ultimately increase the value of your company. 

You will get all the marketing services such as marketing automation, account-based marketing, Google advertising, ads and media planning, and so on at a very cost-effective range. In this way, you can utilize the first-class talent for your purpose. 

IT Outsourcing in Australia

The outsourcing companies in Australia are jam-packed with extremely talented professionals. They offer various IT services such as software development, mobile app development, hosting, tech support, data analysis, data cloud, web maintenance or management, and so on. Let’s see why Australia can be a good fit for your IT outsourcing task. 

So, it’s time to talk about the best outsourcing field for Australians!

We don’t know why, but apparently, Aussies love providing their IT services while sitting on the couch. Maybe it’s because IT-related services are easier to provide while working from home. What do you think?

Anyways, you might not believe but alone (the whole) IT outsourcing market is projected to reach a massive revenue of US$12.9bn by the end of 2023.

Outsourcing IT

Benefits of IT  Outsourcing  in Australia

  • Australia has a strong base of worker communities. This country holds a reservoir of skilled workforce. The IT experts here are proficient at the latest Information Technology related tasks, programming languages, and so on. 
  • Australia ensures strong educational background for its citizens. Australia is a centre of higher-ranking educational institutions. Eight Australian universities are in the list of U.S. News Top 100 rankings of universities of 2022. The STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) field here is so advanced that every year this country produces a wide range of experts of the future IT industry. For this reason, the overseas companies can trust the efficient workforce of Australia for their marketing outsourcing work. 
  • Australian people gain not only just theoretical knowledge but also job-related practical knowledge. Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) stated that 63 percent of Australians from age 15 to 64 have one non-school qualification. It is an educational certification gained beyond elementary and secondary school settings. The most exciting news is 83 percent of people among them have qualifications related to their job sector. This creates a workforce with applied knowledge. 
  • As the fastest-growing industry of outsourcing in Australia, the IT outsourcing market is expected to grow at a great rate of 11.31% (CAGR 2023-2028) and might reach the market volume of US$22.0bn.
  • IT and tech industries have been evolving and will keep evolving till (maybe) the end of the world. That’s why you need someone who can offer services like scalability and adaptability so that you can focus on growing while changing your way of working according to the market’s demand.

AI Outsourcing in Australia

Australia is a technologically advanced country. The government invests a large amount of money in the research and development sector. Australia utilizes high-quality and advanced technology that includes automation, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, data cloud, virtual reality, etc. As a consequence, the latest technology is Australia’s strong suit. You can take help from this advanced arena for your AI-related work. 

Outsourcing is firing entrepreneurship among Australian individuals. Experts who were dedicating their lives to 9-5 jobs are now working remotely for companies like yours. Arguably, the most experts doing this are from AI industry, and the best thing is that this is a win-win situation.

Outsourcing AI

Benefits of AI Outsourcing in Australia

  • Australian AI outsourcing companies have special AI-trained teams. 
  • You will get automated solutions to your problem from these Australian outsourcing firms. 
  • The outsourcing companies have professional AI Research Scientists, Machine Learning engineers, Data Scientists, Natural Language Processing (NLP) rResearchers, Computer Vision engineers and Robotics engineers. 
  • They will provide customized service to meet your unique needs. You can find a suitable team for your task from the AI outsourcing companies in Australia. 
  • AI race has become a must for any company to come in the list of developed countries which is why Australia also jumped in and now, it has become so big that it is projected to reach US$4.92bn in 2023 (according to Statista). And it is growing at the rate of 17.36% which will indirectly benefit you if you want.
  • Due to craze of AI in every field, Australian government judged that AI would become the biggest thing so, they added it to syllabus of students quite a while ago and now, you can find tons of AI experts in the country.           

Accounting Outsourcing in Australia

Without managing the accounting sector, no business organization can operate appropriately. Accounting management is extremely crucial for carrying out business activities. You can take the Australian workforce into account for your start-ups or small businesses. You can hire an accountant or in-house accounting staff for operating financial activities. The accounting outsourcing services in Australia include work like bookkeeping, payroll processing, financial statement preparation, tax preparation and compliance, etc. Australian outsourcing companies offer these premium quality services at an affordable rate. Let’s find out other benefits of accounting outsourcing in Australia. 

Along with IT, accounting, and finance are the most successful fields of outsourcing. Even many foreign companies are investing in and moving to Australia only after trusting their financial services and tax reliefs.

Outsourcing Accounting

Benefits of Accounting Outsourcing in Australia

  • The time zone of Australia is another crucial factor that widens the horizon of the global business sector. The time zone here creates gateways for Asia’s most powerful economies, such as Japan, China, the UK, the United States, etc. The Australian market is comparatively more accessible to European and Canadian companies. Additionally, Australia has a very good and important export relationship are with Asia. If you expand your business to Australia, you can easily enter the world market and enhance your business activities.
  • Accounting services of Australian companies are pretty much affordable for the overseas companies. 
  • Australia is an active member of various trade forums like the World Trade Organization (WTO), The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), The Group of Twenty (G20), etc. If you incorporate accounting staff from Australia, it will increase the market value of your business in the global arena. 
  • Australian government is doing its best to attract business in Australia by providing security laws for business data and stuff. But on the other side, these laws and regulations are actually proving to be quite good for accounting outsourcing industry because businesses want security, and it is automatically being given by the state.
  • Australian accounting and finance workforce is famous in outsourcing industry for its tailored service. For example, if a company needs financial analysis and tax compliance with some customization, not many countries will say yes, but Aussies do.

Software Outsourcing in Australia

Software outsourcing providers in Australia offer services managed by a fully trained and onboarded team of professionals. When you take these services, you can save business expenses and give your business a competitive advantage. Software developers in Australia are highly skilled in their field. They are certified and capable of ensuring a secure system and network administration. You will not regret it if you take the software outsourcing service from an Australian company. Let’s talk about some general benefits of outsourcing software works to Australia. 

Benefits of Software Outsourcing in Australia

  • The business structure in Australia is very flexible for welcoming the foreign companies. According to the World Bank’s Doing Business Survey 2020, Australia is the 14th country in ease of doing business. 

This place is highly advantageous for starting a business. It is the 7th easiest country to initiate a business. That is why the renowned companies from across the globe have chosen to establish their subsidiary in Australia. You can take their services without any worry to outsource your software-related work. 

  • Establishing a startup in Australia is super easy. The entrepreneur is very much welcome here to enter the Australian outsourcing industry. To elaborate, it only takes around two days to get approval for registration of the company from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Australia’s code of laws does not impose any minimum paid-in capital requirement for the entrepreneurs to enter the market. So, Australia can be your preferred destination to do outsourcing business. 

Why should companies expand to Australia? 

This does not seem like a tough question. Actually, there are many reasons why companies should expand to Australia. This country is a technological hub along with diversified talented experts. The infrastructure of Australia is well-suited for foreign companies. Also, the employment laws are quite beneficial for the outsourcing companies. Furthermore, the robust economy of Australia creates numerous scopes for those businesses to expand their activities here. 

FAQs about outsourcing in Australia

Has Australian government done anything for data security for foreign companies?


Australian government wants new businesses to come and explore Aussie market. And for that, they’ve created many laws and regulations under the privacy section of 1988 (according to Australian government).

Are Aussies just seasonal service providers?

It depends on the person, but generally, no!

Well, you can say that the culture of outsourcing services started getting famous during the pandemic but once people started getting good opportunities of working from home, they never got back. Even, the industry is projected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

How can I test Australian talent pool before hiring?

It’s normal to not believe any stranger, especially with only virtual contact. So, to ensure that you’re hiring the right person for the right job, always first conduct an online interview session and assess their nature and working methods. You can also ask for a small task in the beginning to test a person’s capabilities. Moreover, checking portfolios might also help.

Final words

To summarize, Australia is a preferred choice for business companies around the world for outsourcing work. They are famous for their highly skilled teams and cost-saving services. Undoubtedly, if you want to make an entry to global market, Australia should be your first choice. It is beneficial for the business growth and long-term success. Hopefully, you have gained insight on the Australian outsourcing sector from this write-up and you will be able to implement this knowledge for your purpose. 

Australia is an amazing place for companies that want talented people in almost every field. But the only problem you’ll face here is that they’ll always prefer quality over quantity which means that they’ll take their time and money but will provide you with better results than your expectation.

Moreover, if you jump into the industry right now, it’ll be better because in a few years, talent might get short and rate might increase.

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