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Outsourcing in Bulgaria: Empowering Global Businesses Outsourcing Human Resources, Marketing Services, Accounting Functions, Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology in Bulgaria

Outsourcing is the ground-breaking and scalable option for businesses to save money and time by streamlining the complicated and time-consuming chores of management and bookkeeping. Companies may access a greater range of expertise, cut expenses, and concentrate on their core business operations via outsourcing.

Bulgaria has a long history of technological expertise in almost every field, and you will get the solution to all your business-related queries in an affordable manner, and you will get all accounting, HR, IT, AI and Marketing outsourcing services throughout Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has become a popular outsourcing destination due to its favourable tax policies and low operating costs, and you’ll be happy to find out this is your final stop if you want to seek outsourcing services in Bulgaria.

About Outsourcing

Although “outsourcing” has been used for some time, not everyone knows what it entails. Simply put, outsourcing is engaging a third-party business or individual to carry out duties often completed internally.

There are multiple benefits of outsourcing. For starters, it could be a practical approach to complete the task at hand. Companies may access a worldwide talent pool through outsourcing, which can be less expensive than employing staff internally.

HR outsourcing in Bulgaria

The work of managing human resources can be challenging and takes time. You will get HR outsourcing services in Bulgaria easily. It’s a realistic alternative for businesses wishing to optimize their HR operations.

In Bulgaria, experts offer HR services, including Payroll administration, talent acquisition, etc. Outsourcing HR may cut expenses, increase productivity, and save time for their core business operations.

Outsourcing HR

HR outsourcing services include:

Services for Executives

With decades of achievement, Bulgarian HR experts know where to look to get the greatest talent available in Bulgaria. They will abide by the supply of key corporate jobs at all levels of the hierarchical structure. Companies will also get solutions for mass hiring and workforce scheduling.

Advance Technologies

HR experts will provide businesses with the best technologies to automate their HR procedures. Companies can automate their payroll, attendance, recruiting, and many other activities thanks to our industry-leading HR technologies.

Temporary HR Services

Companies can get temporary HR Services in Bulgaria as well businesses need temporary HR services in the following cases:

  • When they require temporary or part-time assistance.
  • The HR team member is taking emergency leave.
  • Having inquiries about regulations and compliance.
  • In case of a complicated personnel problem.

Payroll Services

This service is perfect for new businesses as well as existing ones that just require reliable payroll, taxes, and compliance.

Additional features like garnishment payment service, SUI administration, background checks, and job advertising are added to our payroll services in Bulgaria.

The services also include the latest HR tools from ADP, including a job description wizard, employee handbook wizard, proactive compliance alerts, and guidelines and forms for HR.

Benefits of outsourcing in Bulgaria

The services also include the Administration of employee benefits and company insurance solutions. Your company must recruit and retain the most talented personnel if it is to succeed. With exceptional benefits, including retirement plans, group health insurance, business insurance, ADP and affiliated, our HR expertise will cover all of them.

Services Collaborations

A set of experts in Bulgaria wants to put some strategic objectives, including hiring people, enhancing engagement and retention, implementing best practices, benchmarking performance, and developing a culture of success.

HR professionals may devote more time to these large-scale initiatives by collaborating with a professional employer organization (PEO) or payroll service provider.

Marketing outsourcing in Bulgaria

Every company contains a marketing department, but its management can be challenging. Companies may access a qualified team of marketing experts by outsourcing marketing services in Bulgaria.

A variety of services, including social media management, content development, and search engine optimization, are provided by Bulgarian marketing outsourcing firms.

Companies might gain a new perspective, more effective marketing plans, and cost savings by outsourcing marketing.

Outsourcing Marketing

Marketing outsourcing services include:

Infrastructure with Modern Technology

Bulgaria’s well-developed technology foundation facilitates the marketing of outsourced services. The nation boasts a fast internet connection, cutting-edge communication technologies, and a highly developed IT infrastructure. These technological developments make it possible for marketing companies to communicate with clients in real time, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of outsourcing.

Content Generation

The team of content writing experts will generate more pertinent and captivating information for your ideal clients.

Boost the caliber and productivity of your content and will portray your company as a knowledgeable thought leader.

Graphic & Web Designing

The marketing experts in Bulgaria will create enticing logos and establish strong branding websites. The exceptional knowledge guarantees that your brand stands out and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Search Engine Optimization

With the support of our digital services, the power of social networks will really work in your company’s favor. Social media posts might be useful in attracting the correct sort of customers. Use social networking sites to enhance your website’s SEO as well.

Project Management

Bulgaria’s successful contemporary marketing team will professionally monitor, assess, and report advanced research, including internet analytics, email performance, lead generation, opportunities, wins and losses. With this knowledge, your company team can make the necessary adjustments to your plan.

Marketing Strategies

You need a clear execution plan or marketing strategy. Leave the work to the Bulgarian Expert who will make sales-boosting plans for your company.

Email Marketing

Through Email marketing, the expert will personalize emails according to your client’s behavior. Moreover, outsourcing will streamline the time and distribution of emails for marketing.


With digital services, your business will benefit from the power of social networks. The correct type of visitors might be attracted to social media postings. Utilize social networking sites to enhance your website’s SEO further.

IT outsourcing in Bulgaria

Businesses wishing to save costs without sacrificing the quality of their IT services may find outsourcing their IT needs in Bulgaria is a good choice.

Outsourcing companies provide flexible, time zone advantages, multilingual, cost-effective, high-quality services, a technologically sophisticated infrastructure, and cultural compatibility.

Outsourcing IT

IT outsourcing services include:

Latest Infrastructure

The IT professionals in Bulgaria use the latest techniques and clever automation to streamline your current infrastructure. Try to introduce the methods to reduce operational expenses by up to 30% so you can invest in the future estate.

Test Management Services

Test planning, test case creation and execution, test reporting, and QA process enhancements are all included in managed testing services. To guarantee the excellent quality of your product within an ideal testing time and budget, experts offer managed testing services for API and UI function, cooperation, integration, efficiency, accessibility, and security.

Services for Cybersecurity

To protect your applications and network, you will need A well-secured service like we provide in Bulgaria. The comprehensive spectrum of information security services will help reduce cyber risks and prevent catastrophic cyberattack effects.

Helping Desk & Technical Support

The team of technology experts in Bulgaria provide three scalable, highly managed services for maintaining, resolving, and monitoring committees. To solve problems and find hidden patterns in structured and unstructured data, our data science team uses massively parallel data and stream processing techniques and high-performance, GPU-accelerated computing concepts.

App Development & Maintenance

Software applications will be effectively designed, produced, tested, and modified by our professionals. The services include identifying and resolving bugs, updating the program, and migrating it to the cloud.

Utilizing the Cloud

The expert will manage all cloud computing services, including Software as a Service SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. IT outsourcing services allow businesses to work on their most recent software, mobile applications, online projects, iOS, programming tasks, and other digital projects.

Bulgaria is a great location for outsourcing IT services because of these benefits. Consider Bulgaria a potential outsourcing location if you’re considering doing so for your IT department.

Accounting outsourcing in Bulgaria

Bulgarian accounting firms are experienced in working with international clients, making communication and collaboration easy.

With flexibility in outsourcing options and a time zone advantage, businesses can benefit from outsourcing their accounting tasks to Bulgarian firms.

You no longer must be concerned about subpar infrastructure, schedule constraints, system outages, or a lack of funding.

Like an internal team, Bulgarian outsourcing experts offer daily transaction coding, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, management financial reporting, and many more services.

Outsourcing Accounting

Accounting outsourcing services include:

Finance Management

The expert team in Bulgaria help your company to develop depending on budgeting plans. They will also aid you in managing the storage and retrieval of receipts and offer real-time insight into spending patterns and financial budgeting.

Community-oriented Knowledge

The knowledgeable staff members are experts in tech-based enterprises, professional services, and eCommerce.

Helping Desk

Bulgarian experts offer professional advice that aligns with best practices thanks to our expertise in the sector, allowing you to make wise financial decisions.

Evaluation & Use of Digital Accounting

For corporate executives, unlimited access to data has become the new norm. You may use digital access from any device to make data-driven decisions based on the most recent facts.

Payroll Processing Consultation

The services include managing manual check computations, reporting fringe benefits, and off-cycle payrolls. Experts will also track the accrued benefits and other data pertaining to payroll and compliance with all legal obligations and manage third-party payments and salary retrenchments.

Bookkeeping & Reporting

The financial transactions of a business are included in bookkeeping services; our professional will carefully record, keep track of, and organize all your business transactions.

It involves several tasks, including reporting revenue and expenses, balancing bank accounts, keeping track of accounts payable and receivable, and creating financial reports.

Budgeting, Forecasting & KPI Trending

The outsourcing team will expertly handle the challenging end-of-year accounting task. Monitoring and controlling a company’s financial health and operational success is greatly aided by forecasting and budgeting KPIs.

AI outsourcing in Bulgaria

Outsourcing AI services in Bulgaria can provide companies access to a team of skilled AI professionals. Bulgarian AI outsourcing companies offer various services, such as natural language processing, machine learning, and computer vision.

By outsourcing AI, companies can benefit from improved efficiency, reduced costs, and access to the latest AI technologies.

Outsourcing AI

AI outsourcing services include:


AI experts develop solutions that improve business outcomes using our AI and process automation expertise.

Machine Learning

The machine-learning services might help companies identify the underlying patterns in their data and develop automated decision-making processes.


Businesses may use AI models to analyze their routing and monitor route optimization. path optimization, a subfield of graph analytics, calculates the most efficient path for logistics trucks. Consequently, the business may save transportation costs and quicken the shipping process.

Data Powers

The experts in Bulgaria use AI to improve predictive capabilities, enabling companies to foresee financial trends, design successful marketing campaigns, and better assist sales.

AI Building Applications

Utilizing prototype technologies like Eclipse Deep Learning and Prediction IO, experts provide services for constructing intelligent, context-aware, and self-sustaining AI. Within a certain timeframe, Bulgarian specialists produce excellent desktop and mobile apps.

Find out why to choose to outsource your services.

What is outsourcing for AI: The process of assigning AI-related jobs and projects to outside service providers or suppliers is known as artificial intelligence outsourcing.

Compliance and management: Agroup of knowledgeable experts with in-depth knowledge of employment laws, compliance standards, and best practices.

Flexibility: Whether you need help with hiring, employee onboarding, benefits administration, performance management, or other tasks, the services can be adjusted according to your needs.

Comprehensive Technique: Full-time services in marketing, AI, IT, HR, and accounting. Specialists in Bulgaria can produce effective work since they are knowledgeable in their field.

Costs of working with an outsourcing company: The cost and pricing depend on many factors, including the level of expertise, services they offer, time duration, the working volume, and the complexity of the task. Outsourcing should be a cost-effective solution with no hidden fees or legacy blocks associated with the charges.


Bulgarian outsourcing services may give businesses access to qualified experts, cost savings, and increased productivity.

The experts in Bulgaria provide various services to fulfil the needs of businesses of all kinds, whether in HR, marketing, IT, accountancy, or AI.

When outsourcing, it’s crucial to pick a trustworthy partner to offer top-notch services at an affordable price.

By outsourcing in Bulgaria, businesses may take advantage of a qualified workforce, advantageous tax laws, and a welcoming atmosphere.

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