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Outsourcing in Fiji: Empowering Global Businesses Outsourcing Human Resources, Marketing Services, Accounting Functions, Artificial Intelligence, and Information Technology in Fiji

Fiji or officially known as the Republic of Fiji is an island nation located in the subregion of Oceania. This country is a promising place for the global clients for outsourcing their work. Fiji is basically a cluster of islands that consists of more than 330 islands. Fiji is a 18274-kilometer squared country with a population of 926276 people. Fiji got liberated from the United Kingdom on 10 October 1970. Suva is the capital and largest city of Fiji, and the Fijian dollar is the currency of Fiji. Fiji has a vibrant tradition and cultural heritage that attract tourists from across the globe.

Outsourcing to Fiji can be a very wise choice for overseas companies who want to get quality services from other countries. As Fiji has one of the most developed economies in the Pacific and this country is observing fast growth in recent times, foreign companies can make a good profit by outsourcing their services to Fiji. Fiji has rich resources like forests, minerals, and fish.

The government is investing a good amount of money into the research and development sector of Fiji with a view to generating a skilled and educated nation. The foreign countries can benefit from this. They can rely on the expert professionals of Fiji for their work. The following article will elaborate on this further with different sectors of outsourcing in Fiji with associated benefits. Keep reading to find out more. 

Outsourcing services in Fiji

Fiji has become a natural hub for the budding outsourcing industry. Outsourcing companies in Fiji provide multidisciplinary services for the foreign business organizations. The professionals of the outsourcing market conduct services like back-office, financial services, human resources management, debt recovery, insurance claims processing, documentation, customer service, data processing, IT helpdesk, software development, digital marketing, AI-based work and so on. The foreign companies can easily choose Fiji as their outsourcing partner that are looking for a scope to expand their business. The external help will boost up their activities and help gain maximum profit. Presently, Australia and New Zealand are predominantly outsourcing to Fiji for their various work. 

Let’s discuss the outsourcing services of Fiji in detail in the following section. 

Human Resources Outsourcing in Fiji

Fiji is heading towards a sustainable outsourcing industry. There are many organizations in Fiji that are working for the development of the outsourcing industry of Fiji. The global companies are very much welcome to outsource their work to the well-versed natives of Fiji. Overseas companies can get quality human resources services from Fiji for the growth of their business.

 If you choose Fiji to outsource your business work, you will find the best talent in the market for all kinds of services. Some of the human resources services offered by the outsourcing companies of Fiji are strategic human resource management, recruitment procedure, thorough analysis on the current industry, competitors, resources, technology, economic factors, and many more.

The following points will discuss the benefits of human resources outsourcing in Fiji. 

Outsourcing HR

Benefits of Outsourcing Human Resources in Fiji

  • Rapidly growing outsourcing industry: Fiji is considered to have a boom in their outsourcing industry. Fiji holds great potential for reigning over the global outsourcing market. In the pacific region, Fiji is the most favourable place for overseas companies to outsource their work. Fiji has taken the lead in the outsourcing market here. The BPO investors are finding it profitable to utilize the human resources of Fiji. 
  • Educated young workforce: According to a recent study of wise voter.com, the literacy rate of Fiji is 93.7%. The government of Fiji is determined to create a knowledge-based society for the brighter future of the country. 

The workforce of Fiji is youthful and highly professional. They have a good command over their respective sectors. Thus, working with Fijian experts is a profitable option for the business organizations. 

  • Affordable labor cost:  The outsourcing companies in Fiji offer premium services at an affordable cost. Compared to other developing countries of the Pacific region, Fijian outsourcing companies offer quality human resources services at lower cost. That is why it has become a human resource outsourcing hub for global clients. 

Marketing Outsourcing in Fiji

Fiji is the ideal choice for marketing outsourcing services. The outsourcing companies here offer services like graphic and web design, social media marketing, digital marketing, data analytics, sales telemarketing, e-commerce, branding, SEM, and SEO on various platforms. This sector is providing new jobs to the Fijian young population.

Let’s talk about the positive sides of outsourcing marketing work to Fiji. 

Outsourcing Marketing

Benefits of Marketing Outsourcing in Fiji

  • Rules of working hours in Fiji: The foreign companies must be aware of the employment laws of Fiji before joining the local outsourcing market.

 According to the Fiji Employment Law, the official regular working hours is limited to 48 hours in a week and the daily working hours is limited to 8 hours in a day for the 5-day workweek and 9 hours in a week for the 6-day workweek. The overtime payment will be decided based on the extra working hours after the regular 8 hours of work. The overtime payment rate is generally 1.5 times the regular hourly rate. When the employment laws align with the business objectives of the foreign companies, they can comfortably work with the Fijian workforce. 

  • Fresh and expert talents: More than 5,000 fresh college graduates join the working population of Fiji each year. As a result, almost half of the Fiji outsourcing workforce is under the age of 27. So, that makes a good combination of fresh and resilient professionals. 

Additionally, the outsourcing companies in Fiji have partnered with prominent educational institutions like Fiji National University and University of the South Pacific so that the young talents can get internship opportunities as soon as they graduate. This curriculum creates a skilled workforce with practical experience for the broader outsourcing industry. In this way, Fiji has managed a conducive ecosystem for the outsourcing companies so far.

  • Constant governmental support: Fiji Government has contributed to the growth of the outsourcing industry. The initiated policies to improve the infrastructure and technological facilities is attracting overseas business companies to Fiji. As a result, this has become an ultimate destination for marketing outsourcing services.

Accounting Outsourcing in Fiji

Even the start-ups and small businesses need to hire an accountant or in-house accounting staff for operating financial activities, outsourcing accounting work is a great idea. Such services include works like bookkeeping, payroll processing, financial statement preparation, tax preparation and compliance etc. Fiji outsourcing companies offer these services at a cheaper rate.

Let’s find out other benefits of accounting outsourcing in Fiji. 

Outsourcing Accounting

Benefits of Accounting Outsourcing in Fiji

  • A sanctuary for renowned investors: Fiji has become a sweet spot of major business processing outsourcing investors. Fiji has attracted well-known BPO investors to outsource their accounting work here. As a result, Fiji’s outsourcing industry has expanded significantly over the past decade. So,  the new businesses can select Fiji as their reliable outsourcing partner. 
  • The taxation system of Fiji: The taxation system states that income of individual lower than FJ$30,000 doesn’t include any income tax. From FJ$30,000 to FJ$50,000 comes with 18% tax bracket, sometimes the income tax can get as high as 20%.
  • Fiji payroll options for the companies: Managing payroll is crucial for the foreign companies that want to expand their business in Fiji. There are multiple options available for managing payroll in Fiji. If you already have a subsidiary in Fiji, you can manage payroll internally on your own.

 However, if you do not have adequate financial resources, you will have to work with a separate payroll processing company in-country. You can also choose to manage payroll remotelyfrom your home country. Last by not the least, you can collaborate with Globalization Partners for payroll outsourcing services.

AI Outsourcing in Fiji

Outsourcing companies of Fiji are quite capable of providing AI outsourcing services like automation of repetitive tasks, streamlining processes, implementation of AI-powered technologies, and many more. Fiji is proving its worth in the global market as a trustworthy outsourcing destination. That is why AI outsourcing in Fiji can be a wise choice for the foreign companies to obtain their objectives.

The benefits of AI outsourcing in Fiji are discussed below. 

Outsourcing AI

Benefits of AI Outsourcing in Fiji

  • Premium quality customer service: Fiji is renowned for their dedicated customer service. As a world class tourist spot, customer service is in their DNA. They have warm and welcoming behavior. If you choose Fiji as your outsourcing partner, you will get premium service for sure. It will increase the productivity and service quality of your business. 
  • Language and cultural compatibility– English is the most widely used language in Fiji. Fijians are also heavily influenced by UK and Australian culture. As a result of that, the outsourcing companies from these areas can build quite a smooth business relationship with Fiji companies. 
  • Geographical location– Fiji is a favourable outsourcing location for Australia and Newzealnad. This country has only a two-hour time-difference from Sydney and the same time zone as New Zealand. This environment accelerates the businesses to grow here with neighbouring countries. 

IT Outsourcing in Fiji

The global IT outsourcing market is observing rapid growth recently. Fiji has not fallen behind in this scenario. The outsourcing companies in Fiji offer various IT services such as software development, mobile app development, hosting, tech support, data analysis, data cloud, web maintenance or management and so on.

Let’s see why Fiji can be a good fit for your IT outsourcing task. 

Outsourcing IT

Benefits of IT Outsourcing in Fiji

  • Cost advantage: Foreign companies can save up to 50% of their regular expenses if they choose IT services from Fiji. They will get the best service from the experts at a cheaper rate. The offered IT services by the Fiji outsourcing companies are programming, application development, data management, technical support, IT infrastructure management, IT staffing, and so on. 
  • Skilled workforce: The IT experts in Fiji constantly learn and gain expertise in fields of programming languages such as Java, C ++ , PHP, R, and many more. They are competitive in the global market. They will ensure to complete your task accurately within allocated time. 

Why is outsourcing to Fiji a good choice? 

Fiji is an ideal choice for operating business process outsourcing. There are many reasons that make Fiji a good place for outsourcing. First, Fiji connects the Pacific islands with the rest of the world. Then Fiji has a stable economy. Fiji is producing an expert and proficient workforce each year. The government of Fiji is building a strong infrastructure for supporting the outsourcing business there. The education system in Fiji is also favourable for the outsourcing market. Overall, Fiji is a very reliable platform of outsourcing. This is why outsourcing to Fiji is a good choice. 

Final Words

Fiji is a top choice for the outsourcing purpose. It has a well-established and rapidly growing outsourcing industry. The future of the outsourcing market in Fiji is promising. It will support the Fiji economy to grow and offer diversified services to the global business organizations. So, do not think twice and select Fiji as your outsourcing partner to gain maximum profit in future.

You can surely obtain your business goals with the experts of Fiji. 

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